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Samick Avante Riser & Wood Fiber Limbs Bow Set Right Hand

Samick Avante Riser & Wood Fiber Limbs Bow Set Right Hand


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Bow Set Include in Avante Riser + Limbs + Infitec Plunger + Arrow Rest + BCY D97 Fast Flight String.

Right Hand Only

Samick Avante Riser & Limbs : 

• Perfect for beginner to intermediate archers / Black Foam Core brings stability and consistency to the ever-reliable Samick quality.

• Features ILF center alignment and weight/tiller adjustment

• Length : 25"                      • Weight : 1,100g

• Color : Black   • Available in RH  • Made in Korea

BCY D97 Fast Flight Bow String : Made in USA

 High Performance For Olympic Target and Traditional Recurve Bows Up To 60 lbs. Draw

 Material : BCY DynaFLIGHT 97 Bowstring The original high strength Dyneema bowstring 

Samick Cushion Plunger : 

 Easy and tight locking, BOLTLESS, High quality aluminum
 Quick and easy to adjust,and most of all it is compact size.
 Thread Size : 5/16" ~ 24"
   • Made in Korea

Epic Stonic Arrow Rest : Nice large plunger hole as to enable arrow position with center of plunger and the arm has been reduce in length as for better arrow clearance during the archer's shoot.
                                                     Made in Korea
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