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Helix Die-Cast Hunting Take Down Riser

Helix Die-Cast Hunting Take Down Riser

Epic Archery

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 Will fit 62" Samick Sage, Polaris, Farmington Rocky Hill Take Down Limbs

Right Hand Riser Only

An extremely durable takedown hunting riser. Together with the 62" Samick Sage, Polaris, Spyder, and Farmington Rockyhill take down limbs produces 

a 62 inch bow with available poundages between 25-60lbs. Brace height 7.5-8.5in. 

The draw is smooth, the grip nicely fits the hand and it is a really light, nimble, solid and consistent bow capable of giving you repeatable accuracy. 

Riser only.

  • Helix riser makes 62 inch bow with any other take down limbs.
  • Right Hand only
  • Weight: 875g
  • Made in Korea
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